Monday, 11 February 2008

hmmm... chocolate!

Well, the weekend had two great events, the one was meeting Robert Hodgins and the other one was attending Jezze's book launch and acquiring one of the books! I think the boook acts as a really beautifull catalogue (which I also got autographed!). I spent Saturday morning pouring over the book and then lent it too my mom to read. So after that we HAD to buy the two prints illustrating what happens to you when you are eat while lying down... you grow HORNS! That what my gran told my mom and that's what my mom told me! My mom said she always scanned her scalp to feel where the horns were growing! = ) So nou ja... Get the book if you can but even better still get a limited print or original! Congratulations Jezze!

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Freshly Found said...

How lovely to be there and get Jesse's book. I listened to the radio interview here in Durbs!