Thursday, 24 April 2008

crocodile tears - brett murray (part 1)

Brett Murray is currently exhibiting (April 10 - May 3) at the Goodman Gallery Cape. They are located on the 3rd Floor, Fairweather House, 176 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. Phone no 021- 462 - 7573 / 4, Fax 021- 462 - 7579.Yesterday I attended a walkabout arranged by Friends of the National Gallery. I found the exhibition very tongue in cheek, and with Brett's comments on his own work - very interesting and comforting for me - as fellow visual person. He is definately not afraid to invoke feelings in people! = )

This stunning shoe was installed in the bathroom, and a clue to the exhibition's contents.

These cut-outs are just amazing! The craftmanship is brilliant. And for Brett good craftmanship is very important - and I agree!

More to follow shortly - too many for one post - and the stuff is just awesome - but as he says - no need to say too much - the viewer will interperate what they need to...

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

a message on earth...

This is such fun and SO beautiful! I came across this at how about orange. Send a geoGreeting written in the most unique typeface ever! The creator of geoGreetings is a grad student at the University of Minnesota. My love is an island? Have loads of fun!

Monday, 21 April 2008

rhodes memorial

Some friends came to visit from Namibia, and we did a bit of the touristy thing and went for breakfast at Rhodes Memorial. And I must say I just love this structure! The bronze sculptures are beautiful and the view amazing!

I also love the order that the columns create!

And then I can't quite make up my mind whether I like the rider on the horse more than the lions... I think I like BOTH!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

so many exhibitions, so little time!

With the exhibition opening of learners' work (Grade 10-12) & voluntary students at the Tygerberg Art Centre there will be a very nice Cheese & Wine (Tickets R20 at the door). They are located in Du Toit Street, Parow and their phone number is 021 - 939 9293 for any queries or directions. My mom is one of the drawing teachers there, and I took Jewellery Design as a subject there when I was in High School - it is a great school and worth checking out!

Then just down the road, at Bellville Library's art gallery art.b is SCENES, a group exhibition by Lene Tempelhof (she is one of my lecturer's in the creative metal casting class), Verna Jooste & John Skotnes. I havn't seen any of their work so I am going to be pleasantly surprised! Can't wait!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

three blind mice... & more

So here is my dad's collection of pieces, all the pieces were cast in silver. I think it in a really nice body of work.

These "three blind mice"will all become necklaces like the middle one. The middle mouse has been oxidized.

These two are cheesy mice, and belong on a nice piece of decadent cheese!

And then the best for last... a ring my dad cast in silver for my mom!

Bronze Bunnies & more...

On Tuesday our Creative Metal Casting Class ended formally, but I will continue on an informal basis. We had a little bit of an exhibition of the pieces we had made during the course with a bit of a crit. Above are my pieces and next to mine, my dad's, which I will post tomorrow.
I cast a few more bunnies from the rubber moulds I had made last year. And then made a collection of indigenous orchids, which was a challenge for me. (However I will not be casting these for selling purposes, as the concept was Nic Bladen's, so if you like these please buy some from Nic! His work is beautifull!)
"Gold", Green and Silver bunnies!

The two bunnies at the back are cast from bronze, the green one has been patina-ed to achieve the colour. The front one has been cast in silver and will becoming a pendant in a necklace. The back ones will be mounted onto stands.

I am very thrilled with my beautifull flower earrings - even if I have to say so myself! = )

This pair has been cast in bronze and I really love the rustic earthy quality they have.

This pair, also made in bronze, has a green/black patina finish.
Tomorrow I will be showing some silver mice...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

hennie meyer...

@ the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunste Fees)! Just a sneak preview of what Hennie exhibited at the festival. Over the weekend I will get some more pics and post them. I just love the versatility of the installation, as seen on the posters in the background.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

alta stegmann

I was pleasently surprised when I went to the Elle Deco blogspot and saw Alta's work featured! As you know by now... I just LOVE her work! She will also be exhibiting some of her paintings in July at the NEst exhibition at CWF in Observatory. But if you are interested in some of her digitial prints, you can always contact her at...

Monday, 7 April 2008

party time!

On Saturday we had a LOVELY party, with LOVELY hostesses, in a LOVELY space! So I thought I would share it! The occassion... a VERY belated birthday party for Nicci and Mireille.
The place, Nicci's flat...

The snacks... Mireille's culinary delights!
Some land art serviette arrangements by Alta... = )
Ahh this looks familiar... one of Nicci's latest acquisitions... an Alta Stegmann! Looks awesome in the space.
And the drinks looked so colourful!

And some beautifull lighting to add to the ambiance! A good time was had by ALL! = )