Sunday, 10 February 2008

robert hodgins

Went with Friends of the National Gallery to the Bell-Roberst Gallery at Lourensford yesterday, to see/meet Robert Hodgins and his ceramics! And what a really nice experience. I think Robert Hodgins is a very interesting character with a life and a half's experience. He recently broke his hip, so it was a very informal chat, him sitting on the couch and answering questions. I must say I prefer his paintings to his ceramics, but I truly enjoyed the outing, as I also got him to autograph the book I have bought on this works previously. So if you feel like a bit of an outing for the day - go off the Somerset-West and enjoy. (Lourensford is also where "Known gods" the M-Net series was filmed and with the clouds and the rain - I almost felt as though I was part of the "movie" - very cool!)This is my favourite one that was on exhibition.

This was was also cool - "Head in the Clouds".


This one is on the cover of the his new book on his ceramics.

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