Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Dylan Lewis is my hero!

Now seriously... Dylan Lewis is an AMAZING, PASSIONATE, INSPIRATIONAL artist!
I attended a talk that he gave at the Sasol Museum in Stellenbosch last night and... WOW! First of all he is a really good public speaker. He gave us the same presentation that he made at Christie's, pre-auction, and wow! His inspiration, dedication and passion is so honest. He is such a craftsman, he relies on his skills and is extremely competant and perfectionistic. He does not adhere to trends, and what he is saying with his art is amazing! His link to nature and the wilderness is great and so critical for humankind in this day and age, more so than ever before...

I have been admiring his work for a long time (I work near the Everard-Read Gallery where they have a few of his sculptures outside), but after listening to him, and talking to him, his work has taken on a new life and meaning. I must admit I thought he would be a lot older, looking at the high standard of his work. A book has just been published on his work, which I really want to get a copy of.

He has also evolved from the cat form to the female figure, which is equally amazing. Like a true artist his work is evolving all the time, unlike some artists who become very commercial due to popular financial success, following a successfull recipe.
One thing that really excites me is that a passionate, honest, dedicated artist is being financially rewarded for his work! Allthough that also means that I might never be able to own a Dylan Lewis...

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