Monday, 7 April 2008

party time!

On Saturday we had a LOVELY party, with LOVELY hostesses, in a LOVELY space! So I thought I would share it! The occassion... a VERY belated birthday party for Nicci and Mireille.
The place, Nicci's flat...

The snacks... Mireille's culinary delights!
Some land art serviette arrangements by Alta... = )
Ahh this looks familiar... one of Nicci's latest acquisitions... an Alta Stegmann! Looks awesome in the space.
And the drinks looked so colourful!

And some beautifull lighting to add to the ambiance! A good time was had by ALL! = )


Freshly Found said...

What a stunning evening. I love the serviette arrangement! It is so special when an event is sobeautifully done.

Anonymous said...

I love the second picture from the bottom. What is it? A light?

janine de waal said...

Ja I also enjoy a party so much more when everything looks pretty! = ) The 2nd picture from the bottom is a light indeed! It almost looks as though one can fold it flat. It really distributes the light beautifully between the thin members!