Thursday, 17 April 2008

Bronze Bunnies & more...

On Tuesday our Creative Metal Casting Class ended formally, but I will continue on an informal basis. We had a little bit of an exhibition of the pieces we had made during the course with a bit of a crit. Above are my pieces and next to mine, my dad's, which I will post tomorrow.
I cast a few more bunnies from the rubber moulds I had made last year. And then made a collection of indigenous orchids, which was a challenge for me. (However I will not be casting these for selling purposes, as the concept was Nic Bladen's, so if you like these please buy some from Nic! His work is beautifull!)
"Gold", Green and Silver bunnies!

The two bunnies at the back are cast from bronze, the green one has been patina-ed to achieve the colour. The front one has been cast in silver and will becoming a pendant in a necklace. The back ones will be mounted onto stands.

I am very thrilled with my beautifull flower earrings - even if I have to say so myself! = )

This pair has been cast in bronze and I really love the rustic earthy quality they have.

This pair, also made in bronze, has a green/black patina finish.
Tomorrow I will be showing some silver mice...

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Freshly Found said...

Those orchid earrings are magnificent. What a pity they are not for sale! I love all the different finishes!