Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Tagged... contents of my bokkie...

I have been tagged twice in a short time - so I have decided to reveal the contents of my springbok handbag on the second tag - so here goes...

In no particular order:
Sony Cybershot
Camera downloading cable
Leather purse with my ENTIRE life in it (I cannot live without my purse)
Pamphlet on Marlene Dumas Exhibition at the National Gallery
THREE note books - the black on is full (ironically) and the pink & blue ones virtually empty!
2x pens (felt-tipped, 1x black & 1x red)
2x lip-ice
1x lip gloss
Pink hair elastic
Eye drops (for my hard contact lenses)
Hayfever pills
Panadoes (don't get head aches too often, but when I get them I need my drugs!)
Mints in a convenient container with mirror (xmas gift from my cousin)
And a stray ticket stub from the Elton John concert

And this is just the main compartment of the bokkie! The zipped side compartment's contents will remain top secret! = )

SO hope you are not too shocked! As I have tagged seven people recently, I will take a break with passing this on, for now...

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