Monday, 28 January 2008

peter stutchbury

Ok, I have to make a small confession:

Peter Stutchbury is the reason why I applied for the Glenn Murcutt International Architecture Master Class!

Ok there, now you know! = ) Last year at the architecture film festival held at Cavendish Square I went and saw a 25min short film on Peter Stutchbury and his work, and I WAS INSPIRED! It was just a very small but really powerful reminder of why I am an architect. I felt like a student again, and the passion I have for architecture was re-awakened, as I think it was hibernating for a while... So needless to say that I am exstatic that Peter is one of the tutors for the master class! Unfortunately I could not get hold of too many downloadable images on the net so here are a few. And if you want to see more visit his website at

The first three pics are of a working wool shed - also featured in the film - and more than pretty impressive!

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