Thursday, 24 January 2008

dinner & a show!

And what an experience! We went to Madame Zingara's for dinner last night, and it is all well worth it. I won't go into the history too much, as I will get it horribly wrong. But the short & long of it is that Madame Zingara use to be a restaurant in Loop Street, Cape Town. Then most of the the building got burnt sown in a fire some time in 2006 (i think...) and to date no repairs have been done. So the owner (of the restaurant) bought a fantastic tent in Germany (i think again...) with stain glass windows and bevelled glass panels - and voila! Dinner and a travelling "circus"! They started in Cape Town, went up to Johannesburg and are back in Cape Town with ... ROSARIO!
The three fat ladies signing... entertaining us through the main course. One can buy dress-up props at the kiosk inside, and clearly most patrons enjoy themselves by taking part in this whole fantasy world!
The acrobats and drag queens, the strong men and contortionists are just superb! Sjoe really super!!!
My favourite, from Berlin! (the one at the back in the white dress)
And then of course the food! It's a four course meal of delicious flavours and treats, with the all famous chilli chocolate fillet still on the menu. So if you feel like an entertaining, mind-boggling evening, book at Madame Zingara's . They are in Cape Town only 'till March, and when I booked all the Friday and Saturday shows were fully booked out! AND they support a couple of charities really generously.

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