Thursday, 12 June 2008

fabric swap!

(Photo credit - Jesse Breytenbach)
This is a GREAT idea! - Allthough it is not mine! ; )
Here's Jesse's idea: "I'm going to make a quilt, of simple squares, and I'd like it to be as colourful and varied as possible. So how about a swap? I'll send you a 20cm* square of one of my prints, and you send me one of yours. Medium-weight fabric, not too thick and not too thin, with a handprinted design. Small enough to stick in an ordinary envelope.Just leave a comment, and I'll contact you for a postal address. (Make sure I can find your email address somewhere on your website or blog!) And if you don't already print fabric, why not have a go? Potato prints, lino cuts, silkscreening, stencilling....And then join in - go through the comments left here, and contact each person to arrange a swap with them. What do you think?
*7.8 inches "

I think this is GREAT! and I want to join in! So I have left my comment on Jesse's blog - but am continuing it on my blog. So if you want to swap with me just leave a comment and make sure I can get hold of your email address on your blog and then we take it from there!

Have a great weekend!

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