Tuesday, 10 June 2008

cecil skotnes

I unfortunately missed the walk-about at the National Gallery on Sunday on Cecil Skotnes's work, but my folks went and told me a few stories... The photographs above are of his house and studio - I love these photographs - it creates such a intimate and cosy feeling. My folks were saying that apparently nothing in Cecil & Thelma's house was safe. When Thelma (his wife) went out to town, Cecil would start carving into one of the doors or into a chest - so nothing was safe from Cecil's hands and the house kept on being re-vamped by him! ; ) For your info I have included the discription of the artist below.

I really love these cats - they are so so cool!

So go for a visit to the National Gallery - it will be worth your while! Cecile Skotnes, Pancho Guedes and a beautiful african exhibition (but you are not allowed to take any photogphs at the african installation).


diana @ please sir said...

Oh I want to visit now - looks like a great show!

Sew Bettie said...

The photos are great.

ArtPropelled said...

The photos of Cecil's home and studio are amazing! Cecil is the reason I turned a childhood hobby into my life's passion. His style of carving is so unique.