Sunday, 30 March 2008

Floggin Art III... continued!

I must say that I REALLY enjoyed this exhibition!!! It almost felt as though I was in Wallflower (which has closed down), which in my eyes are a really nice compliment!
So Curious Whetstone & Frankley (CWF) are very proud to announce, that due to popular demand they are EXTENDNING Flogging Art III until 13th April 2008!!! This is great news as you should REALLY pop-in if you can. There are quite a few artists exhibiting stunning work, and IT's AFFORDABLE!!! = )
Cornelis Lemmer
Here are a few sneak peeks - I will post a few more pics during the course of the week, as I was very impresses and could not fit all my favourite pics in one blog...
Barbare Wildenboer
Jolene Kritzinger
Tracy-Lee Lynch
Fire Petals

Here are some contact details of some of the artists, but If you need any more info or details just phone CWF at 021 - 44 88 780!

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kat said...

Glad you enjoyed it and nice to meet you there! Small world!