Thursday, 22 November 2007

sad & shocking news...

I have just heard that Marianne von der Lippe has passed away. I am in shock! Marianne was my first introduction with ceramics. I started taking ceramic classes with her in 2002 at the John Muafengejo Art Centre in Katutura, Windhoek.

Marianne was on a Norwegian Exchange programme. She fell in love with Namibia and moved there permanently, still working with an Norwegian exchange programme. Lately she was training people in the south and north of Namibia with further crafts etc. Earlier this year I still helped Marianne and Ismael with plans for renovating there existing house. Marianne and Ismael were happy! Then Marianne and Ismael has a beautifull baby girl this year, Nangula. And then she passed away last night, totally unexpected, for no apparent reason, she was not sick, she was not unhealthy, she is 31 years old... I cannot tell you what a lost this is for ceramics, for Namibia, for friends, for family... She is an amazing person and truly truly loved... (photo taken in 2003 at Tulipamwe workshop)

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