Sunday, 4 November 2007

fluff & PIF

Well here is our invite for our FLUFF exhibition on 30 November 2007. I have mentioned it a few times in the past... and now the time seems to FLY! Alta has designed our invite, and the image above is the poster version. So if any of you are in the vacinity please pop-in! The blog site is also up and running - so check it out!

Then the PIF - PAY IT FORWARD... I cannot believe I only have one taker.... does no well else want something nice and handmade? Only catch is you need to offer this to three other individuals - but you have a year to comply... so let me know if you are interested in getting onto my list - there are still two spots available!


Heather Moore said...

Ok, me me. Is there still space? I've been meaning to do the pay it forward, and now you've tipped me over the edge.

janine de waal said...

Yes of course!!! So you will be number two on the list... still one space left.

Freshly Found said...

In my enthusiasm at being back on line again ... If there is still space, I will be number three!


janine de waal said...

YAY YAY YAY - At last my PIF is FULL!!! Congratulations to Hoyan, Heather and Denise! Denise can you please mail me your postal address and then I will be sending you a little something something in the next 365 days!