Thursday, 2 December 2010

Walking the Road (a temporary public art project)

Yesterday the Friends of the South African National Gallery had a super "Meet the Artist" outing with Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe at Sea Point Promenade and we were... "Walking the Road".
"The Little Girl walks with her arms outstretched, dreaming that she could fly."
"Looking up into the sky she stretches her arms out even wider, knowing that there must be a way to realize a dream as clear as this."
"And then A Dragonfly! High above, truly soaring...... He is able to walk on air, to float weightlessly. He represents all that she has been dreaming."
"The Little Girl stops, gazes up into the sky and follows his every movement in amazement. Her fingertips seem to tingle as she imagines being able to do the same."
"But wait! The Dragonfly swoops down to her, hovering right in front of her... could he be asking her to fly with him? Could she have wings just like he does?"
"Oh! She must be able to do this! She must see this dream becoming reality! Without asking, she leaps into the air and tries to catch the Dragonfly, to grab him right out of the sky."
"The Dragonfly gives one easy flick with his wings, and flies away... high and out of her reach. He is free, a creature of the sky, and cannot be caught."
"The Little Girl watches in despair as the Dragonfly disappears into the heights of the sky, walking on air and leaving her far behind unable to follow."
"Heartbroken the Little Girl realizes her loss. A dream has come so close and offered an invitation to fly together was made so freely, all now seems lost."
"But wait! Could it be? Out of the sky a winged creature is approaching. The Dragonfly is flying so low it looks as though he is going to land, tight next to her."
"So close! The Dragonfly hovers right in front of her, he gives his invitation again. Come fly with me, dream with me! Let me know what it is like to be you and I will share with you what it is like to be me! Come with me!"
"Of course... The Little Girl realizes that she knows what to do. He is free to offer her all that he dreams, bit she, in freedom, is to do the same. It is her moment of recognition and true understanding. She stretches out her arms, one free creature to another."
"The Little Girl and the Dragonfly are side by side. But look! The Little Girl no longer has arms - instead she has four perfect dragonfly wings, two where her arms were and two growing out of her waist. The red V chevron of her swimming costume outlines the wings, like a border around each one. And! The Dragonfly no longer has wings - instead he has four perfect little girl's arms, fingers stretched out as they fly."
"It is the moment of almost walking in each other's skin, of profound understanding. A moment in which two journeys join together and two lives touch."

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