Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ceramic Conversations

An amazing wall of vases is the first thing that catches your eye at the gorgeous "Ceramics Conversations" exhibition! The vases are exquisite and actually hold water! ; ) What an beautiful installation!
Hennie Meyer & Clementina van der Walt perusing & discussing the works...
I love these bowls of sunshine, red earth, pastures and pools! It looks as though Hennie has just captured these elements and harnessed them in these stunning serving dishes! I want one!
And this old kitchen food cupboard belongs in my home! Who would not love cooking if they have such beautiful crockery? Even I would start cooking awesome meals!
And this item you have to see for yourself! How is it even humanly possible that that clay can look transparent? This vase looks as though it has small stained glass elements in it, but nope it's just glaze... and needless to say it is high on Hennie's list of FAVOURITES!!!
So go and see it! It just an exquisite exhibition and run's until 15 January 2011. And the venue is superb! Irma Stern's house is just and awesome experience... a window into her soul!

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