Monday, 11 October 2010

National Ceramic Exhibition 2010

What a FABULOUS wintry, grey day we had in Franschhoek yesterday for the Nationals at Grande Provence! And such an excellent collection of ceramic pieces! This Large Vessel 2 by Ralph Johnson won 2nd prize. One has to see it in person! The colour is quite tremendous!
This beautiful, raw collection (Untitled 1-3) by Bantu Mtshiselwa, won the prize under the category, first time exhibitor on a National. I just love the texture and colours, reminds me of raw bricks. What can I say... I'm an architect! ; )
This series is one of my favourites! I obviously have a bit of good taste, as the Clay museum gave Karen Sinovich a prize and bought the piece (Sea Air) for their permanent collection!
Then these pieces just fit together so well! The two jugs by Hennie Meyer & Earthship No.7 by Drury Brandt, it looks as though it could have been created by the same author!
Hope you enjoyed the images. Try and get to the exhibition though, it runs until 27 October 2010. But I will be posting a few images of the gorgeous gardens at the gallery during the course of the week! So come & check it out if you cant get there in person!

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