Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Making a bit of a splash!!!

Well eventually I am back in Africa, and decided to make a bit a of a SPLASH at Kolmanskop's olympic size swimming pool in southern Namibia! ; ) Went on a road trip to Namibia and our fist tourist attraction was Kolmanskop. An amazing place with an incredible history!
The saltwater olympic size swimming pool constructed of concrete located on the hill.
And of course there would be a diving board for all those back & forward somersaults! ; )
Beautiful steel ladders going in & out of the pool.
Here is Kolmanskop Champagne was the same price as freshwater and it was always accompanied with caviar! Every house received a crate of lemonade & water as well as a huge block of ice every week. And there was a train that collected the ladies to go shopping, even though the town only consisted out of three rows of buildings! Agh those were the times hey! ; )

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