Thursday, 15 May 2008

Verna Jooste ... scenes

Verna Jooste also exhibited with Lene Tempelhof at art.b in Bellville recently. As far as I understand, she is also involved at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). She created these old fashion toys, where when you press the button on the bottom the whole figure collapses... except of course hers have been created in precious metals and stones...

"Die man van my hart"
I LOVE the shadows that these little gems create on the wall, it adds a whole new dimension.
"Up, up and away"
As Verna really wanted people to handle her work, the little girl's balloon came undone on the opening night. A pity, but I am sure easily rectified.

"The one, the only"
I really like her work!


kat said...

Totally agree about the shadows!

Jesse said...

These are soooo cool!

Isabella kuijers said...

she's an amazing jeweler and an amazing person.