Sunday, 3 April 2011

TABLES ... and chairs I suppose...

Tables, tables, everywhere and so much good food too! I discovered this gorgeous cafe at Nitida wine farm last week, what a find! They are open for breakfast & lunch, Tuesdays to Sundays, hmmm such a lovely setting for a Sunday brunch!
I love the new shed structure that has been tucked onto the existing building! I think it has been done really sensitively and simply, which is always a great combination.
And a true test of a well designed place is what the bathrooms look like. And with all the natural light & ventilation the design touches are superb! Especially the Ladies encouraging the girls to "Keep calm & carry on".
But my favourite is the mens... cautioning the guys: "Hardwork never killed anyone but why take a chance?" What a classic! ; )

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Lana said...

I also discovered it recently, love it! Still planning on doing a post on it!

ps have you seen my newest giveaway?;)