Thursday, 6 December 2007

rabbits in plan view...

Somehow I like this image that I've created from my ceramic rabbits - ok well traced from a photograph which I took of my rabbits! = ) OK, but I still like it! I have given a copy to Alta, to use as my block in a baby quilt she is making for her sister, but shhhh it's still a secret - but I think the secret is safe on my blog as she has NO time for internet with her new found bundle of joy! So the title of this pic is rabbits in plan view - thought it was quite appropriate as I designed their house for them! = )

I will get Alta to take a photo of the final block - I must say it looks very cool - Alta's sewing skills are great! I have source three cute buttons from my mom's great collection, to give a bit of history, and these have been used as little tails!

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laissezfaire said...

This is a bery cute sketch! I love the wavy lines. =)

BTW, thank you soo much for your comments on my very first pattern shown at laissezfaire! I just had a bit of fun photoshopping the patterns into possible applications. =))